How to Choose Christening Invitations

Along with the rest of the planning you’ll need to do for your baby’s christening, you’ll need to order christening invitations. Your baby’s christening is a special and exciting occasion; it is when your friends and family will be able to welcome your baby into the faith. To welcome your friends and family to your baby’s christening, you will need to design beautiful christening invitations. You can order christening invitations online, and you can even personalize them with photos Read more [...]

Tips for Choosing Christening Shoes

When planning your baby’s christening, the first thing you probably think about is picking out your baby’s christening gown. While your baby’s christening gown is probably the most prominent thing you’ll be selecting for the ceremony, you can’t forget that there are other accessories you’ll need, like christening shoes! No christening outfit is complete without christening shoes—and christening shoes also have a further significance, which is their symbolic one. Your baby’s christening Read more [...]

Personalised Christening Invitations

Your baby’s christening is a special occasion which represents your child’s very first steps into the Christian faith and community. This is an event that takes a lot of planning though. Along with picking out your baby’s christening gown and other accessories, you will also need to purchase christening invitations. Did you know that you can get personalised christening invitations which are unique? You can even include a photo of your baby on your christening invitations! Personalised Read more [...]

Choosing a Christening Gown

Your baby’s christening represents not only the beginning of your baby’s life journey, but also the first steps onto the road of faith. On your baby’s christening day, your new child is welcomed into the Christian community by your family and friends. One of the keepsakes which you can give your child to commemorate this special day forever is a christening gown. While the topic of a christening gown may initially seem straightforward, the reality is that there are a lot of gowns to choose Read more [...]

Christening Bracelets – Bling for Baby

A baby’s christening is one of the most important days in his or her life. While you are sure to remember this day forever, your baby unfortunately is too young to remember it clearly. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you purchase special keepsakes which a child can have to connect to his or her christening for years to come. A christening gown is a great example of a keepsake, but your child obviously can’t use it after growing up. A christening bracelet on the other Read more [...]