What Are Some Good Kinds of Christening Presents?

Giving christening presents is done after the child's christening. It is a way to bond with the baby's family and show how you will help support the child. Many people are aware of how this is a serious time and do not want to give anything that could be considered offensive. This is understandable, and as a result many christening presents are very traditional and conservative items. Silver jewelry or furnishing are a good choice. They can be gender neutral, very attractive, and last a lifetime. Read more [...]

My dad is 90 and he’s getting baptised

A 90 year old man in Worcester was recently christened. This is really amazing that he would do this late in life! Do you know of anyone christened at this age? His son Brian, aged 64, from Bridgend, said: “He took me to one side at Christmas and said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you – I haven’t been christened’. “He’s getting to the end of his life and when he gets something into his head he has to do it. “I’m delighted about it. It’ll be an occasion; all the Read more [...]

Recent Christening Traditions in South Africa

Here's a very interesting article about christenings in South Africa by Zenoyise Madikwa. Father Mdlela says the baby is supposed to wear a white gender-neutral gown. “Babies should wear a long, formal white gown, a symbol of blamelessness and purity,” he says. Hangwani Nengovhela of Rubicon Clothing says the latest trend for baby boys is to dress them in a christening outfit that does not look like a dress. Nengovhela says traditionally boys wore the same gowns as girls, but today Read more [...]