Will a Child go to Heaven if He/She Dies Before Being Baptised?

Any new parent awaiting the Baptism of their son or daughter may be concerned with what would happen if their child were to die before they were Baptised.  This is a perfectly normal concern, especially if you are in a situation where you have reason to be particularly worried about this possibility.

Rest assured that most Christian religions agree that children who die before being Baptised are still able to go to Heaven.  Baptism is considered a sacrament, not an ordinance, and because of that, it is not strictly required to be admitted to Heaven.  People who do not receive the sacrament through no fault of their own are not considered less worthy than those who are able to go through the process.

Some religions, even have special provisions for cases of Children who die before being Baptised.  Some refer to it as Baptism by desire, or similar names.  Certain religions also believe it is possible to Baptise a person shortly after their death, and may offer this option to parents who lose a child unexpectedly.

Rest assured that if your child or a child you are close to dies before they are able to be Baptised, they can still go to Heaven.  Remember that God is just, kind, and forgiving.  He would not hold a child’s inability to receive the sacrament against them.

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