Christening Jewellery

Choosing A Memorable Gift Of Christening Jewellery

Christening, or baptism, is the religious ceremony in which an individual is received as a member of a Christian church. Infants are most often christened, but the rite can be received by older children and adults as well. Of the many appropriate gifts, beautiful christening jewellery is one of the most favored.

Many styles of christening jewellery are available, from local merchants and online stores. An online store may carry a larger variety of jewellery.

Bracelets are a popular choice for a christening jewellery gift. Lovely bracelets are made for girls and boys, in sterling silver and gold, with pearls, gemstones, beads, or tiny charms. Several styles offer personalization with Baby’s name, using letter beads or engraved nameplates. If you would like the baby to be able to wear the bracelet later, look for a design which allows for addition of beads or gems. A few pearl-embellished styles for girls have been designed to be kept and used as part of a wedding outfit.

Pendants and necklaces are also appropriate as gifts of christening jewellery. Small crosses crafted from precious metal or the baby’s birthstone can be exquisite. If the child has a patron saint, a medallion with that saint’s picture will also be prized.

Pins or brooches with a cross, Celtic Trinity knot or other design, to be worn on an infant’s christening gown, are another option. In Scottish tradition, the gemstone-adorned "Luckenbooth Brooch"is given by a groom to a bride, then passed on to the firstborn at christening. A modern adaptation is a ribbon rose boutonnière, presented to a boy and later worn by his bride as part of her bouquet.

Don’t forget gifts of christening jewellery for an older individual. Consider the person’s taste; a choice of a larger cross with filigree or carving may suit.

For a unique keepsake, think about a custom-designed piece of christening jewellery. Many unusual jewellery designs are available online for a truly beautiful keepsake of this special day.


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